Analysis of treatment and preventive measures for infectious diseases of calves, Agricultural Enterprise «Volovikov» Ltd, Goshansky district, Rivne region

Keywords: calves, infection, immunity, resistance, vaccination, treatment, prevention


The present article analyzes the effectiveness of treatment and preventive measures for respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases in calves in farms with high concentration of livestock. The results of testing of vaccines offered by MSD Animal Health for the early protection of calves against both viral and bacterial pathogens are presented. The duration of high-level immunity at any vaccine administered to animals is at least 6 months and up to 365 days. Study was conducted at the premises of Private Enterprise Limited Liability Company Agricultural Enterprise «Volovikov» in Goshchanskyy district, Rivne region. Average productivity per one cow is 5000 kg of milk annually. Stock breeding is conducted in the farm at an appropriate level. The following vaccines have been tested for the analysis of schedules of immune prophylaxis of calves for infectious diseases: Bovilis BVD, Bovilis Vista Once, Bovilis Vista 5L5, Rotavec Corona, Multiclos, Bovilis IBR live marker vaccine, Bovilis Bovipast RSP. For the therapeutic purpose of managing respiratory pathology in calves, neonatal diarrhea in calves, the use of the following drugs has been analyzed: Resflor, Nuflor, Fenadine, Engemicyne, Cobactan IV 4.5%. During specific prophylaxis of animals with Bovilis IBR live marker vaccine with respect to infectious rhinotracheitis, high-level immunity is boosted in animals 4 days (96 hours) after intranasal administration and 7 days after intramuscular administration of the vaccine. Duration of immunity with any method of vaccine administration lasts for at least 6 months. The use of Bovilis Bovipast RSP vaccine and Bovilis IRB live marker vaccine ensures early protection of animals’ organism against parainfluenza 3, syncytial infection, pasteurellosis, and infectious rhinotracheitis of cattle. Immune prophylaxis of calves with Bovilis Vista Once and Bovilis Vista 5L5 vaccines provide protection against parainfluenza-3, syncytial infection, bovine viral diarrhea of the 1st and 2nd types, infectious rhinotracheitis of cattle, pasteurellosis (P. multocida, P. heemolytica) and 5 serotypes leptospirosis. Rotavec Corona vaccine protects the body of calves against rotavirus, coronaviral infection and E. coli. The use of Bovilis BVD vaccine provides full protection of the animals’ organism from intrauterine infection of the embryo with BVD virus. Treatment of calves for respiratory pathologies, neonatal diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases with the use of Resflor, Nuflor, Fenadine, Engemicyne, Cobactan IV 4.5% drugs, as well as depending on physiological and immune status of the body of calves, ensures their conservation ranging from 92 to 99%.


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