Application of intrauterine aerosol preparation for the treatment of cows with postpartum complications

Keywords: cows, obstetric pathology, postpartum endometritis, «Yodozol», «Uterodev», «Devivit Complex», «BTF plus».


Despite the detailed study of the causes of postpartum endometritis in cows, its course and the implementation of therapeutic and prophylactic measures aimed at preventing obstetric and gynecological pathology, this problem remains extremely relevant and requires comprehensive improvement. Traditional treatment regimens for cows using local therapy include not always effective intrauterine drugs. Therefore, for the treatment of postnatal infections in animals it is better to use highly active drugs in the form of complexes with aerosols. The purpose of the work was to study the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the foam-forming aerosol preparation «Yodozol» with the comprehensive use of the drugs «Uterodev» and «Devivit Complex» at postpartum endometritis in cows. To study the therapeutic efficacy of the drug «Yodozol» in combination with these drugs, an experimental group (intravenously 1 bottle of foaming aerosol preparation «Yodozol», twice with an interval of 5 days, «Uterodev» was injected intramuscularly in a dose of 10 ml twice with an interval of 24 hours, «Devivit Complex» was administered once intramuscularly at a dose of 30 ml of a single animal product, «BTF plus» subcutaneously at a dose of 15 ml per animal at an interval of 24 hours for 5 days) and control (intramuscularly administered «Yodopen» suppositories 1 suppository 1 time per day with an interval of 24 hours for 3 days, together with subcutaneous single dose «Oxytocin» in a dose of 6 ml per animal) per 10 animals in each of which the postnatal endometritis was diagnosed. Before and after the administration of drugs in cows suffering from postpartum endometritis, blood was taken for general blood analysis, which was taken aseptically from the jugular vein until the morning feeding. The number of erythrocytes and leukocytes was determined by direct counting in the counting chamber of Goryaev's net, hemoglobin – by Sali method. In the blood of cows after administration of drugs, the content of erythrocytes increased by 1.3 times (P 0.05), leukocytes and hemoglobin increased by 1.1 times (P 0.05), compared with similar indices prior to administration, indicating stimulation of erythrocytes and leukopoiesis. The use of «Yodozol» aerosol in combination with «Uterodev», «Devivit Complex» and «BTF plus» preparations during 7 days provided 90% recovery of cows. In the control group of cows, recovery was observed in 65% of cows for 10 days. After recovery of experimental group cows, the service period decreased by 53.0 ± 6.0 days (P 0.05), the index of insemination decreased by 0.6 units, as compared to similar indicators of control cows.


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