Veterinary and sanitary assessment of quality and safety of meat and meat products in the marshes of LLC “Riton” Vinnytsa

Keywords: meat, safety, invasive and non-contagious diseases, pesticides, hygienic and industrial practices (GHP/GMP)


The purpose of our research was to study the environmental aspects of the quality and safety of meat and meat products in the conditions of Ltd “Ryton” Vinnytsya and the measures applied in this subsidiary for the observance of proper hygienic and production practices (GHP/GMP) in their production as a guarantor of environmental security. The results of the veterinary and sanitary estimation of meat and meat products are reported according to the data of the reporting documentation of Ltd Ryton Vinnytsia (2015–2017), expert opinions of the Vinnytsia Regional State Veterinary Laboratory and Khmelnytsky Interdistrict State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine (2018) on indicators security. The main cause of detoxification of byproducts was invasive and non-contagious diseases, in particular: liver – cirrhosis, fasciolysis and abscesses; kidneys – jade heart – traumatic pericarditis; udder – mastitis, lungs – pneumonia, pleurisy, aspiration with food and blood. According to safety indicators, there is a lack of pesticides (the mass fraction of HCCh gamma-isomer, DDT and its metabolites, DDVF, chlorophos, metaphys, carbophos, basidins), toxic elements (lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, copper, zinc), mycotoxins, antibiotics; Radiological and microbiological parameters in meat and meat samples were also within regulatory requirements and safe for consumption. The introduction of proper hygienic and production practices allowed Vinnitsa LLC to complete the certification process under the international program FSSC 22000 “Food Safety Management” and obtain the Certificates The HACCP Management System of CCM MS Standart HACCP and ISO 22000: 2007 Food Safety Management Systems, Requirements for any Organisation in the Food Chain. The performed researches prove the theoretical and practical justification of the necessity of monitoring research on the quality and safety of livestock products, the observance of proper hygienic and production practices (GHP/GMP) taking into account the international program FSSC 22000 “Food Safety Management”, – the need to strengthen preventive measures by doctors of veterinary medicine invasive and non-contagious diseases of cattle.


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