Morphological characteristics of organs of the immune system of rats for determining the toxicity of the preparation “Bioton”

Keywords: immunomodulatory, preclinical trials, pathomorphological investigations, immune system organs, histological structure


In the article presents the results of the pathomorphological study on the toxicity of the new veterinary preparation immunomodulatory “Bioton”, to solution for per oral application that contains complex biologically active foods of metabolism of mushrooms-entophytes (Cylindrocarpon Magnusianum), medical plants abstracted from a root. The study of subacute toxicity of the preparation Bioton was carried out on male rats, with a body weight of 170–180 g, formed in two groups of 30 rats in each: I group (control) – received water; The second group was given an oral preparation Bioton at a rate of 170 mg/kg of body weight of the rat. Animals were kept under the conditions of vivarium SSRCIVMPFD of veterinary preparations and food supplements, with constant temperature of premises and humidity. The feeding provided a standard diet with constant access to water. The experimental studies carried out have found that intrauterine injection of “Bioton” drugs in a dose of 170 mg/kg of body weight for 30 days caused stimulation of immune protection factors, which was shown by a significant increase in the content of T- and B-lymphocytes and NK-cells, did not cause macro- and microscopic changes in the internal organs, and an increase in the coefficients of the mass of the thymus, spleen and testicles indicated the functional activity of organs with a high proliferative capacity of the parenchymal elements. Then, as the application for 60 days, caused negative changes in the morphological and immunological parameters of the blood, namely reduction of the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin content and growth of leukocytes due to the increase of neutrophil granulocytes, against the background of reduction of T- and B-lymphocytes, NK-cells compared to the control groups and development of pathological processes in the internal organs of rats. Histologically, the presence of the occidental involution of thymus and the cellular devastation of parenchyma of peripheral organs of the immune system of rats receiving the Bioton preparation for 60 days were confirmed. In further work an analysis of the biochemical parameters of blood of rats obtained for the study of toxicity of the drug Bioton will be conducted.


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