Influence of heat treatment on amino acid composition of snails meat

  • I. S. Danilova National Scientific Center “Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine”, Kharkov, Ukraine
Keywords: snail meat, heat treatment, snail species Helix aspersa maxima, snail species Helix aspersa muller, snail species Helix pomatia


Amino acids are organic compounds that are the structural component of the protein. That is, protein is the main building material of the tissues of the body. It is needed for muscle mass growth and is indispensable in fat burning – all about amino acids, of which protein is formed. The main source of amino acids are food that is rich in protein. However, based on the content of one or another amino acid proteins contained in food, can be divided into complete and inferior. Complete proteins contain all the essential amino acids. These products include, primarily, products of animal origin: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products. In order to plant sources of full protein is soybean. Inferior proteins – in their composition there is at least one irreplaceable acid. Accordingly, in their “quality” defective proteins can be very different. The source of defective proteins is mainly products of planting: legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds. The purpose of our work was to determine the content of amino acids in raw and cooked meat of the food species Helix pomatia, Helix aspersa maxima and Helix aspersa muller and to make an analysis on the effect of heat treatment on the amino acid composition of snail meat. This article presents the results of the content of amino acids in meat of food snails using electrophoresis “Capel-105/105M”. Three types of snails have identified the presence and amount of amino acids. In general, the meat of snails contains amino acids – arginine, histidine, serine, alanine, glycine, tyrosine and proline, and irreplaceable – lysine, phenylalanine, leucine + isoleucine, methionine, valine, threonine.


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