Investigation of the parameters of acute and acute toxicity of the “VetMicoDerm” liniment under the skin application

Keywords: acute and subacute toxicity, rats, “VetMikoDerm”, hematological and biochemical parameters of blood


The toxicity parameters of VetMikoDerm for one-time and long-term skin treatment were investigated. The studied liniment as an off-white substance has a thio derivative of 1,2,4-triasole.  Spotted thistle oil is used as a solvent. The research of the determination of acute and low acute skin toxicity has been performed on young, healthy, healthy skin of the laboratory rats. The drug was applied in different doses to the stripped areas of the skin (area is not less than 10% of the total area of the skin). It was established that after a single application of the drug (24 hours) in a dose of less than 2000 mg/kg of body weight, the death of experimental animals or any signs of general intoxication of the body is not observed.  Local reaction (redness, itching, allergy, combing) is absent. According to GHS under the assessment in this dose studying the “VetMicoDerm drug belongs to the 5th safety category (Grade 5, not classified). During a long-lasting application of the drug (28 days), the death of the rats was not adversed, the animals had a preserved appetite, responded adequately to external stimuli, reflex excitability was completely preserved.  Under hematological and biochemical studies of blood of the experimental animals, it was found that against the backdrop of insignificant increase in the number of white blood cells in their blood, the number of neutrophils increases and the percentage of lymphocytes decreases significantly. However, under the usage of the drug in the therapeutic dose (50 mg/kg body weight) the liver function has a tendency to increase. Increasing in dose (500 mg/kg) of the VetMikoDerm a 10-fold continued its application which  led to an increase in serum concentrations of urea and creatinine,increasing  the mass index can serve as a marker of renal decline functional condition of the body.


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