Morphological and biochemical parameters of blood of rats for the long-term effect of the drug “Vitosept”

Keywords: chronic toxicity, sodium hypochlorite antioxidant and proteinsynthesis function of the liver


The basis of the drug “Vitosept” is a solution of high-purity sodium hypochlorite (SH), which is obtained in a specially developed dyadiafragm flow electrolyzer, in the process of direct electrochemical reaction, bypassing the formation of molecular chlorine. As an initial electrolyte, an isotonic solution of sodium chloride (0.9% NaCl) was prepared on water purified by a special technology. Such solutions do not contain impurities of organic substances and transition metal ions. The resulting solution of SH is the optimal carrier of active oxygen. The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of various dosage of the drug “Vitosept” for its intravenous introduction, in a long-term experiment. As a result of the conducted experiments, it was found that during the entire observation period of the investigated drug “Vitosept” signs of inadequate reaction, intoxication or death of animals were not observed. At the same time, there were no reservations regarding behavioral reactions, reflex excitability, clinical manifestations of respiratory distress, urinary excision and defecation. Only animals of the 4th group, after administration of the highest dosage of the drug (500 mg/l), were slightly suppressed, were slightly responsive to acoustic and light stimuli, had somewhat disturbed reflex excitability. However, an hour after the cessation of giving the drug, the evidence of all the animals in this group disappeared. It was found out that for long-term intradermal introduction to the laboratory animals of the drug Vitosept at dosages of 50 and 100 mg/l, the abnormalities in the studied morphological and biochemical parameters of blood, compared to the same in the control group were not found. Concerning the rats of the IV group that received the highest study dosage of the drug (500 mg/l) through the probe, certain possible changes in the hematological, biochemical parameters of blood (leukocyte count increase in blood, activity of AsAT, LF, decrease in serum urea blood concentration, creatinine) were observed, in our opinion, compensatory and disappeared within a few days after discontinuation of the drug. Consequently, taking into account our previous studies on the establishment of the parameters of acute toxicity of the drug “Vitosept” and the results obtained regarding its effects on hemopoiesis and the functional state of the liver and kidneys, it can be argued that the drug “Vitocet” belongs to the IV class of compounds – low toxicity.


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