• A.Y. Mazurkevyc National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine, Heroyiv Oborony Str., 11, Kyiv, 03041
  • A.V. Hryshchuk National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine, Heroyiv Oborony Str., 11, Kyiv, 03041
Keywords: bone marrow, mesenchymal stem cells, methods, cattle


Prospects receipt and use of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells of an adult organism, determined by their basic properties and characteristics. Diploid cell cultures derived from mammalian tissues and organs, preserve their species and tissue specificity, but have a limited period of proliferation because of aging. Therefore, the use of mesenchymal stem cells is important. The ease of selection and availability of biological material makes them today to date, the most promising cell system. Studying the properties of stem cells in veterinary medicine has its own characteristics. They are in particular, taking into account specific characteristics of the cell material, which is important in practical veterinary regenerative therapy. There is a significant amount of minutes of culturing mesenchymal stem cells, but none of the authors do not focuses on the expression of biological properties of these cells by culturing. In the study of the biological properties of mesenchymal stem cells, there are many mysteries and the unknown, but today conducted preclinical and clinical studies for the introduction of these cells to correct the damaged organs and tissues of an animal body. Thus, the study and knowledge of the underlying mechanisms that form the specific features of the biological properties of stem cells in cattle is important and urgent to develop scientifically based methods of use of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative therapy of breast diseases in cows. Because of this work was perfected method of cultivation and crop deep freeze multipotent mesenchymal stem cells isolated from bone marrow of cattle. In studies we used mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow of healthy donor cows. For bone marrow, we used our improved method. Comparative analysis of the efficiency of the allocation of mesenchymal stem cells using heparin or sodium citrate indicates no significant differences and can be used both drugs. When cultured mesenchymal stem cells by cell separation density gradient fikola is more efficient, while the second method also can be. The proposed method of obtaining and culturing multipotent mesenchymal stem cells isolated from bone marrow of cattle makes it possible to obtain stem cells with high biological activity.


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