• N.H. Sorokinа National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
  • O.K. Halchynska National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
  • V.S. Lepushynska National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: psittacosis, chlamydia psittacosis, bacterium, Chlamydia psittaci, etiology, pathogenesis, epizootiology antibiotics


Psittacosis – a zooanthroponosis infection. In humans, the disease can manifest atypical pneumonia, enteritis, peritonitis, encephalitis. In parrots the disease starts with loss of appetite, drowsiness, weakness, fever, appearance of conjunctivitis, rhinitis and diarrhea. The causative agent of psittacosis in parrots are obligate intracellular microorganism Chlamydophila psittaci, which enters the body through the epithelium of the mucous membranes of respiratory tract. Its reproduction and accumulation occurs in the epithelial, and lymphoid reticulohistiocytosis cells. Chlamydia capable to long time cellular localization, can penetrate into the various organs and systems: the lungs, the nervous, cardiovascular system, liver. Parrot, who had been ill for psittacosis, is usually long remain carriers of Chlamydia. This article contains the definition of «psittacosis» as the disease, etiology, pathogenesis, main clinical features of parrots, pathological changes, especially the diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This materials are can help to owners of parrot and veterinary professionals to understand the disease, clinical signs, modern methods of diagnosis, prevention and therapy of psittacosis.



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